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What is The Emotional Baggage Diet?

ʻThe Emotional Baggage Dietʼ is the essential survival guide for the thoughts and Emotional Baggage that can weigh down your life. It Empowers and reassures you that by using simple yet effective ingredients (in a way that works for you) you can literally change your life.

Emotional Baggage can bombard your mind with thoughts that cause fear, anxiety, negative or other unhelpful emotions. It is not always obvious, it can hide anywhere in your life, it can paralyze you, without you ever realizing it is there. Blinding you from opportunities that you would otherwise see. We often emotionally abuse ourselves with thoughts that we would never say to another person.

For example:

  • Why? or Why me?
  • ʻIʼm worthlessʼ or ʻLess thanʼ
  • ʻDon’t be selfishʼ or ʻI cant do thatʼ
  • ‘Who am I to even think of doing that?’
  • ‘Is this my life or my parentsʼ/partnerʼs/childrenʼs?’
  • ‘Iʼm scared to make changes in case it all goes wrong?’
  • ʻI canʼt go and join that art/dance/photography class, they wouldnʼt like meʼ
  • ʻI am so fed up with my life!ʼ or ʻThere must be more to life than this, isnʼt there?ʼ

I once said that I would never speak to a rat the way that I spoke to myself – all of that has changed now thanks to the tools and strategies within The Emotional Baggage Diet that I use, on a daily basis, to create my own life’s recipe – and it can work for you too :))

The combination of these simple yet effective tools, strategies, metaphors and graphics combined with Jakiʼs personal journey opens your mind to your personal power, creating positive and lasting change in your life.

Set in the real world where the reader has bills to pay, family crises, health and financial obstacles and it takes the reader on a journey that is full of possibility and hope.

The Emotional Baggage Diet has become the basis for Jaki’s Unique brand of coaching and training called Verbal Reiki, which is Exclusive to Jaki and her company Sunlight and Shadows Coaching.

The Book ‘The Emotional Baggage Diet’, due to be officially released early 2012, is one of those rare books that you can’t put down, can never forget, come back to time and time again and share with those you love.

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